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What should not be missing in my luggage?

There are a couple of things that are very useful to have with you on every holiday. They do not only make life easier but also enable you to travel more comfortably. Our experienced travel agents have summed up a handful of the essentials that will make travelling a breeze for you.

What is useful to pack?

Let’s start with the most obvious and make our way to useful travel extras.

1. Suitable Clothes

Yes, that sounds simple – but think about your flight (planes usually have a very intensive AC) and when you come back home, too. Make sure your clothing is really suitable for the places you go. Think about the places you want to visit: Will you need long pants to visit Buddhist temples? Do you need a pair of gloves, because it’s going to be cold in Canada? Just inform yourself upfront about the weather in your destination and pack accordingly. If you’re female, a pareo can go a long way (you can use it to cover your shoulders in temples, protect your head from the sun, use as a blanket or as a little pillow).

2. Charger

Don’t forget your phone charger (unless you plan to leave it at home) and inform yourself whether you’ll need an adapter plug. Every country has different sockets, so make sure you know which one you need. You can buy them in electronics or traveller shops, and if you’re going to touristic areas, you might be able to buy them on site.

3. Extra Battery

If you’re busy snapping photos with your phone, reading eBooks all day long at the pool or draining your battery with your phone’s GPS while you explore the city by foot, it might happen that your battery dies before you get back to your hotel room. An incredibly useful item is a lightweight, extra battery. You can buy it in sizes from small to bigger batteries that are able to recharge once, two or three times or even multiple devices at the same time. They have a USB slot where you connect your phone charging cable, so instead of plugging it into the charger in the socket, you’ll plug it into the battery.

4. Earplugs

Earplugs can be a huge lifesaver if you find yourself in noisy locations when you just want peace and quiet. Whether it’s a snoring neighbour on the 12-hour flight or screaming kids in the hotel, with some earplugs all you hear is nothing.

5. Earbuds

An alternative to earplugs – at least during the daytime – are earbuds. Especially when you’re flying, it’s always good to have your own pair with you. You can use them on the plane to listen to movies or the radio. If you’re doing audio-guided tours during your holidays, with your own earbuds it’s always the most comfortable (and hygienic). →

6. Travel Pillow

If you’re prone to nap during your holidays, nicking off during flights or bus transfers, you might want to bring your own travel pillow. Most common are inflatable pillows or memory foam pillows, but there’s heaps of new travel pillow styles emerging to offer the perfect one for each sleeper type.

7. Travel Lock

Depending on your style of travel, you may want to bring your own travel lock with you. It comes in useful when you want to lock your luggage zippers together (i.e. if you’re walking with a backpack through a narrow and crowded street) or when you simply want to store your stuff in a locker, i.e. at a train station or when you’re getting a massage treatment somewhere.

These are some of the items we love to take on our journeys and they have proven their usefulness many times. A good tip is always not to only think about the weather in the place of your vacations, but also about what activities you’re going to do while being there or during your journey. Safe travels!

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