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How do I get my travel visa?

One of the most important things to prepare for your travels is checking whether you need a travel visa or not. All countries have different rules, so always make sure you inform yourself about the travel visa rules of the country you’ll visit a couple of weeks before you start your journey. We gathered the most important travel visa information.

What is a travel visa?

A travel visa is an entry permission for non-citizens to enter or cross a country. So whenever you travel to another country, you will need a visa to be granted access at the border (or the airport). This is your personal responsibility, as you need to make sure that all your personal travel documents (i.e. also your ESTA for US travels) are in order before you embark on your holidays.

The best way to inform yourself about travel visa rules for each country is by visiting their websites or get in touch with the nearest embassy. Make sure you’re eligible for a tourist visa when entering the country or, if necessary, apply for a tourist visa before your travel begins.

Some countries require no travel visa upfront, it will simply be issued on arrival. Some countries require you applying for a travel visa, which may take weeks or even months to process. Make sure you inform yourself on time about whether you’ll need a travel visa or not.

The most important things to know about travel visas

Passport validity

One thing many countries have in common is that they require your passport to be valid at least six months more at the time when you enter their country. In case your passport is close to the last 6 months or you plan on staying longer, better renew your travel passport to make sure you’ll be granted entry.

The Fast Way

For these countries where you need to apply for a travel visa, it sometimes takes only a couple of minutes to fill out an online form – or sometimes it takes a few weeks. In case you have to travel on short notice, a way to get a travel visa faster is to get in touch with a visa agency, who will process your visa usually within a few days – for a fee, of course.

Visa Stamp

When entering the country, the border officials will check your passport. If they issue travel visas for your nationality on arrival, you will get your travel visa on the spot. A visa usually is either a stamp to your passport with the date of entry and instructions on how long you can stay in the country or a small visa document glued into your passport.

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