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As all the travel agents from The Travel Agency are passionate travellers themselves, they share their most valuable travel tips with you. These include answers to the most important questions, such as travel visa and travel insurance, and practical tips for comfortable flying or smart luggage packing. Benefit from the experience of our professional travel agents – enjoy the read!

Important Travel Documents

Travel Visa

Travel Visa

One of the most important things to prepare for your travels is checking whether you need a travel visa or not. All countries have different rules, so always make sure you inform yourself about the travel visa rules of the country you’ll visit a couple of weeks before you start your journey. We gathered the most important travel visa information.



When travelling to the United States of America, you need to get ESTA approval. ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. On the official US website, it’ll cost you US$14 and must be processed at least 72 hours before departure to your holiday destination in the USA. Here, we gathered the most important information about ESTA.

Tips For Travel Preparation

insurance for travelling

Travel Insurance

As an experienced travel agency, we can give you recommendations for travel insurances, but eventually you have to take out the travel insurance that suits you best. To give you some help and guidance in finding the right travel insurance, The Travel Agency explains the most important things about how you can protect yourself and your belongings when on holiday.


Comfortable Travelling

Almost every holiday outside of Australia requires flying. There are a couple of airport travel tips we’d like to share with you, so you’ll reach your destination relaxedly and you may even enjoy the flight. But also at the airport, there are some useful tricks to get your luggage fast and be comfortable. Our experienced travel agents spill the beans.

travel luggage tips

Useful Travel Items

There are a couple of things that are very useful to have with you on every holiday. They do not only make life easier but also enable you to travel more comfortably. Our experienced travel agents have summed up a handful of the essentials that will make travelling a breeze for you.


Vaccinations & Health

When travelling to other countries, you should make sure that you’re healthy and fit to do so before you embark on your journey. For different areas of the world, different vaccines are recommended. Our travel agents will always recommend you to check in with your GP or travel doctor.

tips for travel packing

Luggage Packing Tips

When it’s time to pack your bags and suitcases for your holidays, many people feel like they can’t fit everything they want to take in their luggage. With some smart travel packing tips, you can make the most out of the small space you have and reduce the items you bring to what you really need.

Travel Recommendations

New Zealand travel tips

5 Lesser Known Places To Visit In New Zealand

Many of us have been to New Zealand already. The small islands have so much to see and to explore that we want to take the time to introduce you to some of the lesser known, stunning places to see. Whether you’re looking for beautiful sights, relaxing walks and hikes or incredible beaches, our travel tips for New Zealand will amaze you. Enjoy the read!

Mallorca castle

10 Fun Activities in Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is one of the five Balearic Islands. It contains stunning mountains, gorgeous beaches and bays, historic landmarks, caves and a never-ending list of fun activities – all on the only 70 km long island. If you’re planning to head to Mallorca, make sure you have a look through these 10 fun activities you can enjoy there.

Port Barton, Palawan

5 Paradisaical Islands in South-East Asia

Thousands of islands in South-East Asia make it difficult to decide where to travel next. All of them are stunning and beautiful, and most of them are particularly famous for the one or other activity. We made a list of five paradisaical islands in SEA that are the perfect spot to relax, disconnect, recharge your batteries and have loads of fun.

3 Perfect Days in Singapore

A fascinating history, a multitude of ethnicities, oriental influences, finger-licking food and futuristic architecture: Singapore is an intriguing city that’s well worth a longer stop-over or a short trip. There is so much to see and to do, so make sure you’ll read our tips before heading off into a city adventure that will astound you.

thai food bowl

Must-Try Foods in Thailand

The popular country of Thailand in South-East Asia is famous for its friendly locals, the marvellous landscapes and its abundance of good food. Whether you’re a peanut allergic, a vegetarian or a meat lover, Thai cuisine offers tasty dishes for everyone. On your journey through Thailand, you should try both popular street foods and the delicious recipes from the restaurants.

On top of the mountain

The Best Places for Skiing in Europe

One of the best places in the world to go skiing is Europe: Not only because you have the Alps and Dolomites, but also because there are a variety of beautiful countries within just a short distance. You’ll find plenty of luxury, comfort and fun in these gorgeous ski locations.

sailing boat holidays

3 Ways To Enjoy Travelling Differently

Nowadays, travelling does not always consist of a flight to the beach and two weeks in an all-inclusive hotel. There are many different ways to travelling, each offering a different experience. Some of them are a mixture between a relaxing journey and an adventure, others are an immersion into another world altogether. Here we gathered 3 different ways to travel for your next holidays.

A weekend trip to London

Chances are good that you arrive in London and you’ll get to see the signature London weather: a cloudy, grey sky. But this city is so full of history and charming corners that you’ll barely notice. Every place in London impresses and in many places you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Berlin

When in Europe, many travelers can’t resist to visit the capital of Germany: fascinating, dirty, historic, grand Berlin. This city unites Germany as no other and displays an uncharacteristic, but very special side of the country. This international city for sure has something for every taste, from luxury accommodations to hippie movements.

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