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When travelling to other countries, you should make sure that you’re healthy and fit to do so before you embark on your journey. For different areas of the world, different vaccines are recommended. When you’re travelling to a malaria-prone area, make sure you take prevention pills with you. Our travel agents will always recommend you to check in with your GP or travel doctor.

Why should I check in with my GP or travel doctor?

Travelling to foreign countries is beautiful, but there is always a small risk that your body can be easily affected by bacteria unknown to you but common in those areas. You might also scratch yourself with a dirty wooden plank on a pier, or while you’re busy marvelling at the Buddha statues, some curious monkeys sneak up on you.

Your GP knows you and your health history best, so if you’re prone to be short of breath or have high blood pressure, he may recommend or discourage you to travel to certain areas. Specialised travel doctors are up to date with the health situation of the country you want to visit and can recommend you certain vaccines (if you don’t have them yet) or protective drugs (such as malaria pills). In case you may have any health issue on your journey, you’ll be well prepared and have peace of mind.

As everyone of us is different and every country has different health standards, there is no advice that fits all situations. This is why the experienced travel agents of Moonee Ponds’ The Travel Agency always recommend to meet up with your GP or travel doctor. Make sure you go as soon as your travel is scheduled, as some vaccinations may have a lengthy vaccination schedule.

The Quick Travel Health Check

Travel Country

If you’re travelling to a first-world country, you’re more likely to find high health standards such as in Australia. On the opposite, if you’re planning jungle trekking in Thailand, you may want to go well prepared and vaccinated against common viruses. For a quick information, have a look here for the country you travel to and read the health travel advice.

GP / Travel Doctor

As mentioned before, only your GP or travel doctor can give you a correct and full advice on your personal health situation and the travel preparations needed for the countries you want to visit. Make sure you schedule your appointments with sufficient time in advance, as some vaccines have a months-long vaccination schedule (i.e. hepatitis A needs two vaccines, the second one being administered 6 months after the first one).

Pack Medication You'll Need

Whether your GP or travel doctor prescribed you preventive drugs or whether you have any medication that needs to be taken daily: Make sure you pack sufficient medication so you’re all provided for while you’re on the road. Sometimes it’s hard to find a pharmacy or the exact same medication in another country. It’s also good to always have a small first-aid kit with you that contains a disinfectant spray, pills against nausea and some ibuprofen.

Any more questions regarding your trip?

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