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Do I need travel insurance?

As an experienced travel agency, we can give you recommendations for travel insurances, but eventually you have to take out the travel insurance that suits you best. To give you some help and guidance in finding the right travel insurance, The Travel Agency explains the most important things about how you can protect yourself and your belongings when on holiday.

Why do I need a travel insurance?

A travel insurance is something you should always get when you leave the country. Everyone wishes for a beautiful and smooth holiday with no incidents, but experience tells us, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You only need to slip on the wet tiles around the hotel pool, or take pictures during a hike and twist your ankle. It’s those few seconds when things go wrong that can lead to a very expensive end of your relaxing holidays.

To protect yourself (and your wallet!) when you have an accident or a sudden illness in a foreign country, you should take out at least a basic travel insurance to cover your needs. Many travel insurances also cover your belongings, take care of you if your flights are delayed or provide financial support when your luggage ends up in Stockholm instead of New York.

Depending on the length of your travel and the activities you plan, there is a large number of different travel insurances that cover as less or as much you want. If you are about to do extreme sports during your holidays, you’ll need a special holiday insurance to cover this as most travel insurances only cover basic sports activities such as hiking and snorkeling.

Keep this in mind when comparing travel insurances


If you search for travel insurances, you’ll find hundreds of websites offering so many, it’s hard to cut through. To filter out a handful of good options, quickly sort through them by checking if you’re eligible (some have nationality, age or travel country restrictions) and if they cover for the things that are most important to you. Many times you can directly enter travel details and get a price.

What You Need

Think about what you really need from a travel insurance. Do you have any health issues that come back every now and then? Are you prone to dental problems? Do you take lots of different flights and your luggage might go lost? Do you plan to do skydiving and you need this to be covered? Prioritise and focus on the travel insurances that offer what you’re looking for.


Once you found good travel insurances, compare their prices or search specifically for them on the internet. Often, you’ll stumble over a discount code on a travel blog or might find a cheaper alternative that covers the same. If you don’t have time at all, ask friends for their experiences or go directly to a specialised travel insurance broker to find the right cover for you.

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