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The Best Places for Skiing in Europe

One of the best places in the world to go skiing is Europe: Not only because you have the Alps and the Dolomites, but also because there are a variety of beautiful countries within just a short distance. You’ll find plenty of luxury, comfort and fun in these gorgeous ski locations.

Skiing Europe

Dolomites, Italy

If you’re into breathtaking landscapes and delicious wine, then the Dolomites in Italy are just the right place for you to go skiing in Europe. Italy has it all: While summer lasts forever in the south, the mountaineous north is covered up in thick snow in winter, turning it into a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike. Whether you decide for the vast beauty of Kronplatz (Plan de Corones) or the classy Cortina d’Ampezzo, you can be sure to have lots of sunshine and a really good time in Italy. In the nighttime, the light of the moon is reflected by the snow and you can marvel at the millions of stars in the dark blue sky. Very romantic!

Samnaun Ischgl Skiing

Samnaun & Ischgl, Austria

All Austria consists of mountains, but the vast network of ski routes between Samnaun and Ischgl make this are the perfect place to spend your skiing holidays in Europe. You’ll have plenty of great and interconnected mountains at your doorstep, giving you the chance to ski down hundreds of km of perfectly groomed ski slopes. The picturesque villages are just the right place for a relaxing night in front of the fireplace of your cozy ski hut. In Ischgl, you can have a fun night out and indulge in some delicious hot mulled wine while shaking your ski boots to the music.

Saas Fee skiing in Switzerland

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Top ski conditions for beginners and professionals offers Saas Fee, a quaint resort village in the middle of the Swiss Alps. It’s famous for the stunning 18 peaks over 4,000 m you can marvel at while skiing down the slopes. Sledding is also very popular here. If you’re into unique sights, go and visit the Ice Pavilion, a stunning ice cave carved into a glacier. When you’re getting tired from all those outdoor activities, you can spoil yourself with a visit to the sauna, swimming pool or a relaxing massage.

Skiing in Andorra


When you combine impressive mountains and a tax-free zone, you’ll get the independent principality of Andorra. Nestled between France and Spain in the Pyrenees, it’s definitely one of Europe’s best skiing destinations. Endless ski slopes are offering fun for every level, and when you’ve had your fill of the fine, powdery snow, you can go shopping to your heart’s content. With some historic sights and plenty of sunshine, Andorra offers pretty much everything you need for a perfect ski holiday.

winter in Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains, Slovakia & Poland

Tucked between Slovakia and Poland, you can find the Tatra Mountains: A beautiful mountain chain that converts into a little ski paradise in winter. With plenty of accessible ski slopes and a great value for money, they are now the prime ski destination in Eastern Europe. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find this just the right spot to learn how to ski. Apart from skiing, there are many spas and waterparks to indulge in, too.

France skiing

Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc is not only famous for its elegant fountain pen brand, but also for its wonderful landscape and mountaineering. In winter, you’ll have the mountain slopes covered in thick, soft snow, providing ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding.  As France is known as the country of good cheese and wine, you’ll find lots of bars, restaurants and shops in the high-mountain town of Chamonix. Many people try the summit climb of Mont Blanc in May and June, when they ascend to the summit during a 3-days tour and then ski down again.

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