I recently returned from a bucket list trip to South America and it did not disappoint! Our first stop was Buenos Aires with its beautiful buildings, wide streets and home to some amazing “secret” bars that hide behind everyday shops. The Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre) in central Buenos Aires is one of the most important opera houses in the world and simply stunning. We visited Palermo for trendy shops, bars and restaurants and to enjoy an evening of Tango Dancing Shows!

I am a history buff, so a visit to Recoleta Cemetary, the burial site of Eva Peron, followed by a visit to the Evita Museum was truly memorable. Then we had a lovely walk around the square of the Presidential Palace also known as the Pink House, and visited the cathedral, home to Pope Francis. We then flew to Rio De Janeiro and stayed on the famous and beautiful Copacabana Beach. Some wonderful day tours to Sugarloaf Mountain and taking the Cable Car to Christ of the Redeemer Statue were very high on our South America bucket list.

We finished at the indescribable Iguazú National Park, home to the mighty Iguazú Falls. The Argentinian side has many walkways to get up close to the immense waterfalls. There are also smaller waterfalls that are part of the greater network that you can walk to for a much more intimate experience, and take a boat ride under the tumbling waters. Finally, the Argentinian side does give you a taste of the most powerful component of the Iguazú Falls – the Devil’s Throat, where you’ll get right up to the brink of the mighty torrent of water for a top-down view.

The next day was spent on the Brazilian side of the park, where the walk is relatively shorter, but at times more spectacular. The walkway meanders along until you reach a point where the base gives the sensation that you are walking on the edge of the waterfalls. From virtually every angle, you’ll get to see the entire panorama of cascades. For an even better aerial view, we finished our day in a helicopter ride! This was truly the most magnificent natural wonder I have seen in the world – a must visit for every traveller looking for an incredible South America trip!

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