The Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea

  Kokoda – Deniki – Isurava – Tempetons Crossing – Diggers Camp – Efogi – Menari – Ofi Creek – Goodwater – Ower’s Corner: 96 kilometres on the Kokoda Trail Eight months ago, I was struggling [...]


  Bali is only a 6 hour direct flight from Melbourne. Bali is a destination where you can relax and unwind like other destinations close to Australia, however, there are so many diverse [...]


  Most of us in the office have experienced the magnificent beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Start your holiday in Calgary (in July there is the famous Calgary Stampede), then travel to [...]

Sri Lanka

  Sri Lanka has long been on my wish list, so I was very excited to get the opportunity to visit recently.  It did not disappoint! From the very first morning, I felt as though I was in a [...]

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