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Comfortable Travelling – Airport Travel Tips

Almost every holiday outside of Australia requires flying. There are a couple of airport travel tips we’d like to share with you, so you’ll reach your destination relaxedly and you may even enjoy the flight. But also at the airport, there are some useful tricks to get your luggage fast and be comfortable. Our experienced travel agents spill the beans.

How do I travel comfortably?

Let’s start our airport travel tips with your preparation. Make sure to wear appropriate and comfortable clothes and add a pullover or scarf to your hand luggage, as in the airplanes, it’s always colder.

Get your travel hand luggage ready. Prepare music or books, charge your eBook reader, throw in some earplugs and pack an empty water bottle that you can refill after passing the security check to stay hydrated during the flight.

Do the online check-in. Almost all airlines have online check-ins, some even charge you if you have to check in at the airport. If you don’t have a printer, do it on your phone, so you can save your boarding pass to have it handy.

Get to the airport in time and plan in sufficient time to travel to the airport (traffic!). Better to be there an hour too early and spend it reading a good book than being there an hour too late and stress yourself or miss the flight.

At the airport

If you have luggage to check in, make your way to the check-in counter. If the queue is very long, it might pay to just have a cup of coffee somewhere and wait for the line to thin out – or the last call for check-in for your flight, so you can jump the queue. Usually, last checked-in bags come out first of the airplane when you get to recollect your luggage at your destination.

To cut time at the airport security check, start to remove any jewellery that might set off the alarm before it’s your turn. You’ll also need to discharge any water or food, take off belts and take out your laptop / phone to pass through. →

After you passed through here, fill up your water bottle – every airport has water fountains, so you don’t need to spend money on overpriced water from the shop. Plus, air in the planes is dryer than usual, so make sure you drink enough during your flight.

Travel tips for flying & arrivals

If you have a long flight, always opt for a seat in the aisle. This way, you can get in and out easily and without having to disturb fellow passengers if you want to get up or visit the toilet. Try doing a few pilates or yoga stretches in your seat or in the aisle to loosen up your muscles.

Once you arrived, have your passport ready and be friendly at the border control to get your tourist visa.

Three extra airport travel tips

Keep It At Hand

To get through security checks, the boarding and the border security fast, make sure you always have your passport, boarding pass and your travel visa (and ESTA for USA travels) at hand. Some countries require you to show your boarding pass or a booked return flight at border security, so keep this handy, too.

Baggage Transfers

If you have to change flights and fly with different airlines, it’s very likely you need to transfer your baggage yourself. Check this beforehand to know when you have to retrieve your luggage after landing and check it in again at a different counter, so you don’t arrive at the beach while your bikini is still on the way.

Orientate Yourself

No matter in which country, airports work pretty much the same all over the world. Once you land, have a look out for signs to find your nearest toilet, the baggage claim or the rental car booths. If you want to learn a few new words, translate some expressions you might need beforehand – or simply ask at the info desk.

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