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A weekend-trip to London

Chances are good that you arrive in London and you’ll get to see the signature London weather: a cloudy, grey sky. But this city is so full of history and charming corners that you’ll barely notice. Every place in London impresses and in many places you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time. It’s hard to cram all you want to do into a weekend trip, as London is such a large and fascinating place to explore, but we’ll give you some tips for the one or other spot well worth seeing.

Trafalgar Square

The best place to start your weekend trip in London is heading right to the centre. Enjoy the hustle and bustle on famous Trafalgar Square, admire the sculptures and art (the National Gallery is just around the corner!) and let the historic air of the place draw you in. Since the 13th century, Trafalgar Square is a known landmark of the area. Nowadays, it’s also a popular place for big events, such as the NYE celebrations. Wherever you go next, you won’t have to walk far, as you’re surrounded by historical buildings, shops, restaurants and museums.

Buckingham Palace

Whether you’re a fan of the Royals or not (maybe you’re watching “The Crown” on Netflix), when in London for a weekend trip, you should stop at Buckingham Palace. Its sheer size is magnificient, and the surrounding gardens are huge and perfect for a relaxing stroll. Don’t miss the famous “Changing of the Guard”! Almost every day, important and famous people make their way to and from Buckingham Palace – maybe you’ll get a glimpse of an African prince in his carriage, heading to a meeting with HM The Queen?

Leadenhall Market

When you step into Leadenhall Market, you feel like you either just jumped into the Harry Potter set of the Diagon Alley, or (if you’re not a big Harry Potter fan), right back in time. Leadenhall Market exists since the 14th century, effectively making it one of the oldest markets of London, and it sure has kept its charme. The incredibly beautiful shop fronts all look similar, declaring in broad golden lettering, which shop it houses – you’ll find anything, from exquisite Spanish serrano ham to high-quality clothing stores. The roof is spectacular too, and keeping you dry in case it rains.

London Tower

The Tower of London

A historic site you really shouldn’t miss during your London weekend trip is the Tower of London. Not only is it located so close to the Thames, the medieval city wall and the Tower Bridge, that you can easily tick off many other of the major sights of the city, but it’s a very fascinating place to explore as well. On a guided tour, you can walk the fortress walls, listen to the incredible stories of its time as a prison and when it was used as a palace. The manicured green gardens surrounding the Tower of London and the many small and larger towers within will make you marvel.

London Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

A stunning landmark to behold is the Tower Bridge. Thanks to its imposing blue metal suspensions and its stately bridge towers, it’s one of the most famous sites of London – a weekend trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the icon of the city. It has a vivid history, too, and can be explored by foot. You can enter the Tower Bridge to see the Victorian engine room or enjoy the views of the city from the viewing platforms. If you rather see the Tower Bridge from the water, join one of the many Thames river cruises!

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