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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Berlin

When in Europe, many travelers can’t resist to visit the capital of Germany: fascinating, dirty, historic, grand Berlin. This city unites Germany as no other and displays an uncharacteristic, but very special side of the country. There’s so much to see that a week will barely be enough, and there are many things first-time travelers don’t know about Berlin. This international city for sure has something for every taste, from luxury accommodations to hippie movements. Our experienced travel agents are here to tell you that yes, Berlin should definitely be on your list for your next Europe trip.

1. Germans consider Berlin the most atypical German city.

Imagine you head to a different country far away and you visit the capital, so you get to see the essence, the core of the country you visit. With Berlin, this doesn’t really work: In many ways, Berlin is so different from the rest of Germany, that most Germans consider it “not a typical city”. This is because Berlin is the most international city of the country – almost everywhere in the countryside and in smaller cities, you will barely see foreign populations, while Berlin always has attracted international guests, travelers and people who eventually moved there. The whole city just ticks a bit different than the rest of the country, which makes it so fascinating to explore.

Berlin things you didn't know

2. Berlin is bigger than Paris.

The city is well connected with public transport, but you’ll definitely need time to explore it – there’s just so much to see and to do! Berlin has approximately the same size as Bangkok, and even more waterways and bridges crossing the city than Venice. Just walking around the center will probably occupy you at least two days, and you’ll see a different sight, museum, historic place, garden, monument or market every few metres. Pack some comfortable walking shoes, you’ll need them. The city is full of electric scooters, so if you’re tired of walking, you can choose between all the different public and private transportation options.

3. Berlin is the epicentre of modern, revolutionary movements.

If something big happens in Germany, a fundamental change, a new movement, or trends, most of them start in Berlin. You probably didn’t know about Berlin that you can find literally anything, for free or a few million Euros, from high-class luxury hotels, such as the famous Hotel Adlon, top-of-the-game clothes designers and quirky, innovative, hipster accommodations and shops, such as a vegan bakery with an attached shop for repurposed items. No matter what makes your heart beat faster, in Berlin you will find a group of your peers, even if you’re a fan of reiki with goats. If it grows into something international and huge, it’ll probably happen here.

Remnants of Berlin wall travel

4. You can still see the remnants of the original Berlin wall.

If Berlin is good at one thing, it’s preserving the past for future generations. Apart from an incredibly quantity of museums that shine a light on every part of the German history, you’ll also find its most famous piece of history still in the streets. A part of the Berlin wall has been conserved and now is known as “East Side Gallery”. Shortly after the wall was torn down, this small part was protected, painted by international artists and is now one of the main tourist attractions. If you wander around the back streets of Berlin, you might even find a stolen piece of wall that has been painted and “relocated”.

Techno club Berlin travel

5. Berlin is considered the birthplace of the Techno scene.

In the late 1980’s, a music scene started to emerge in Western Berlin that soon became popular all over the world: Techno. Back then, it was the raw, pure, dark beat from underground clubs, nowadays known as “German Techno”, that drew in the crowd. Berlin is famous for its club scene, some techno clubs like the Berghain (with the hardest-to-pass bouncers in the world) don’t close the entire weekend. If you want to go at 12 pm on Saturday to rave a bit, you’ll always find a club that’s open. There’s tons of other music styles in Berlin, too, and regular live concerts of the biggest names in the music scene.

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