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5 Paradisaical Islands in South-East Asia

Thousands of islands in South-East Asia make it difficult to decide where to travel next. All of them are stunning and beautiful, and most of them are particularly famous for the one or other activity. We made a list of five paradisaical islands in SEA that are the perfect spot to relax, disconnect, recharge your batteries and have loads of fun.

Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Nang Yuan / Koh Tao, Thailand

Thailand has it all: Friendly locals, delicious cuisine, impressive landscapes and a marvellous underwater world. The small island of Koh Nang Yuan is located just next to Koh Tao, and both are surrounded by giant coral gardens and reefs. No wonder there are over 70 scuba dive schools in Koh Tao! It’s one of the most affordable places to get your scuba certification and you can often see whale sharks and manta rays. If you’re more into hiking and relaxing, you can take a walk up the mountains and enjoy the fabulous views from the viewpoints while sipping a cocktail.

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines

Known for its endless, soft and absolutely stunning White Beach, Boracay is one of the postcard islands of the Philippines. The water is so crystal clear that you’ll probably spend the entire day swimming, and beautiful palm trees line the beach, providing shade. The south of the island is bustling with activity and you can choose from numerous restaurants, bars, massage salons and tour providers to fill your day with delicious and fun things to do. If you seek more peace and quiet, head to the northern Puka Beach, which is also a great place to snorkel.

Padar Island, Indonesia

Padar Island / Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Smaller and larger islands are surrounding the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, which is famous for its unique nature. You cannot only see Komodo dragons there and spend a day lazing about on stunning Pink Beach, but it’s also a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers. Whether you’re into hiking or activities in the water, there’s plenty of things to do at Komodo National Park. And in the evenings, there’s nothing better than enjoying a dinner at the beach and relaxing with a chilled beer in your hand.

Malapascua, Philippines

Malapascua, Philippines

This 4 km long island is a tiny speck of paradise in the Philippines and has the nickname “the small Boracay”. It’s not as famous as Boracay and therefore it’s a great spot to get in touch with the local culture. First and foremost, Malapascua is famous for scuba diving, as it’s the only place in the world where you can regularly see Thresher Sharks at a depth of 30 m (deep diver certificate necessary). The long, white Bounty Beach is the perfect spot to relax and get spoilt with massages. If you like to snorkel, you’ll find plenty of sea stars of all colours and shapes in the water close to the shore.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

A small island close to Vietnam’s west coast is Phu Quoc, boasting an array of luxury resorts and activities to spend some fabulous holidays in paradise. Whether you want to be active and go for a hike in the Phu Quoc National Park and jungle or rather relax while pampering your body, here you’ll find everything. Its long, white sand beaches are lined with palm trees and the perfect spot for a beach stroll. At night time, you can marvel at the beautiful sunsets, join the dancers in the clubs and sip freshly made cocktails.

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