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3 Ways To Enjoy Travelling Differently

Nowadays, travelling does not always consist of a flight to the beach and two weeks in an all-inclusive hotel. There are many different ways to travelling, each offering a different experience. Some of them are a mixture between a relaxing journey and an adventure, others are an immersion into another world altogether. Here we gathered 3 different ways to travel for your next holidays.

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Travel by Boat

Ah, the soft movements of the waves, the salty air, the wind in your hair: Whether you’re a fan of large cruise ships, smaller river cruise ships or beautiful sailing boats, a journey across the sea or along the coast has its perks. You can also very well combine boats with other types of travel, i.e. when you arrive to Croatia, you’ll sail along the coast for a few days until you reach the southern tip of Italy. Some people love to learn more about the ropes, knots and wind, others just enjoy the fabulous views, the privacy and the possibility to jump into the sea for a refreshing swim whenever you feel like it.

Travel by Bike

Another great way to travel is to conquer the world by bicycle. If you love slow travelling, i.e. through Europe, you could only cycle two, three hours a day and be able to see a multitude of different countries and landscapes along the way. There are plenty of beautiful bike ways in Europe, separate from the street, connecting villages and cities safely for cyclists. For bike lovers, it may take their passion to the next level – in Austria for example, you’ll have a variety of bike parks, cozy mountain huts (with spas!) and marvellous views of the alps. Even to explore the city you’ll stay in or ride along the coast, a bike is always a great way to enjoy travelling differently.

Travel by Train

There are plenty of scenic and luxurious train journeys. Travelling by train is a great way to just lean back, relax and enjoy the views. Many of these next-level train journeys come with a plethora of creature comforts: chefs on board provide you with the most delicious food, stops along the route let you explore the surrounding areas on guided tours and you’ll be able to take hundreds of stunning landscape photos without even getting up from your comfortable seat. If you prefer shorter train journeys, you can i.e. mix your travel route between cities up by getting a night train with beds.

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